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The JPS Children's Illustrated Bible

The Best Hannukah Ever

Shemot Muzarim (Strange Names) 

The Adventures of Simon

Kaytek the Wizard   The Midwife's Tale

now in Chinese too!!!

Dr. Ellen Frankel Barbara Diamond Goldin by Shari Dash Greenspan   South Sudan Comics Janusz Korczak   Howard Schwartz

assorted Bible illustrations

The Timeline of Jewish History  

Kochav beMatana   (A Star for a Present)  

What Happened in the Shoah?   




God Said Amen 

    by Zohar Aviv  by Bat-Sheva Dagan Comix by Avi Katz     By Sandy Sasso    

Hindu Mythology


Why I am a Zionist

The Exodusters   The Lion-Hunter's Son   A Visit to the Museum 


JPS (Jewish Publication Society)

Nava Macmel  by Gil Troy

Dunlap Press

     by Naomi Shmuel   by Eli Cadouri


Portraits of Israeli Writers

The Jewish Family Fun Book

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