From Avi Katz's sketchbook--The Jerusalem Report 2010 ......older sketchbook pages

    isramuppets   invaders   elmert   liebershrek      
Bibi woos Tzippi January 2010   The Haitian earthquake and the Israeli cruise January 2010   The frightening Avigdor Lieberman February 2010   The Motti Elon scandal February 2010   Madness at Bank Hapoalim March 2010   The censored arrest of Anat Kam April 2010      
holyland   british elections   camel killed   bakers busted  
Holyland April 2010   Brit elections May 2010   Big Game May 2010   Busted Bakers May 2010  
Mondiale June 2010
Vuvuzelas June 2010
difference   bibart     chillun     declare      
The soccer-prophet Paul the Octopus July 2010   Summertime, and the medusas are floating July 2010   Hamas overshadows the peace summit August 2010   Is this the real thing? September 2010   Back to work October 2010   Anything to declare? October 2010      
clowns   yatzek   frisky   planes   new year   TO 2011      
Clowns in Washington November 2010   Zionist Art November 2010   Frisky the Cop 2010   Need Planes December 2010   New Year December 2010