From Avi Katz's sketchbook--The Jerusalem Report 2012
Ferzat Talent   staam  
January 2012: Lieberman and family values January 2012:Kadima on the Rocks February 2012: Tzippi and the Jailbirds February 2012: Persian Cat Out of the Closet March 2012, Ali Ferzat April 2012 Republican clowns   May 2012 Coalition loathing
olympics usain maariv-kaparot the end bibibomb
August 2012 Olympic shame August 2012 Iran, like a Lion from Zion September 2012, Maariv-Kaparot September 2012, Empty Chair September 2012, UN-prophetable September 2012, Der'i's back October 2012, Bird Migration
October 2012 Likud Beireinu November 2012 Work Cut Out November 2012 Spot the Difference November 2012 UN Vote December2012 Independence,No December 2012 Gun Crazy   December 2012 New Year
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