ArmageddonCon #11


The ruins of Jerusalem and Armageddon, Old Earth

The Ends of the Worlds lectures

The eleventh centennial ArmageddonCon was held on the ruins of Jerusalem and Armageddon, Old Earth, December 3000 to January 3001 by Terran calendar, the dawn of a new millenium for Humans. This century's convention was marked by an excellent representation from the entire galactic arm, scholars overcoming environmental difficulties and political tensions to come together and discuss the fascinating subject of the ends of worlds.

While virtual attendees remained the majority, those who undertook the real-space voyage will agree to the unforgettable experience of interstellar communion, communication and community which was ArmageddonCon XI. Indeed, this Con saw a marked increase in the number of non-chordate delegations, including for the first time an anti-matter race as well as two pure energy entities and a number of telepathic plant species.

We all, of course, have the deepest sympathy for those races whose worlds have actually been annihilated, and share the anxiety of those living under prophecies of cataclysm. Still, these few days of the devastated and the doomed all getting together to share experiences and thoughts were an experience to warm the heart…or whatever.


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